It’s difficult to specify the prices on MillerQuest’s services. They are not off-the-shelf goods but individual solutions with a certain extent and progress, that consequently requires different fees.

As some of the assignments last for for a longer period of time, and as MillerQuest emphasizes certainty of delivery, it also functions as a network enterprise. This means that some associates’ services also may be included in the offer you get.


It sounds good, but what does it cost?

“But how about some round figures...?” you might think. One of the key figures in a typical process budget is the price for a day with MillerQuest. That is a day with MillerQuest in connection with e.g. a workshop or a staff day. A day like that costs 10.000 kr. (excl. VAT).

If such a key figure sounds fair to you in proportion to the importance of your project, then let’s talk. You’ll find telephone numbers and e-mail adress here.
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PS. MillerQuest always works out very accurate offers in relation to the assignments. If you want to see what such an offer can contain call (+45) 29 29 13 37 for an example.

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