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Are you in the quest of optimizing your organisation? With satisfied employees looking forward to getting to work? And with a culture that makes your vision meaningful every day? These are some of the areas in which MillerQuest can be of assistance to you and your team.

For those of you who need a process consultant, an evaluator or a chair person MillerQuest is your answer. An external person who has experience in exploiting the resources you already have. In other words: Instructing self-help in a structured way.

Enthusiasm, humour and structure with spirit, spark and joy. That is how the process is being characterized by those who have already cooperated with MillerQuest. You might get your values and vision fixed too so that they ignite and strike root in your organization. Perhaps you are a merged company who wants to collaborate better. Or maybe your business culture needs a boost?

MillerQuest is widely experinced, has specialized in the children and youth area, and stands behind a large number of development projects. You may book MillerQuest for one day, two days or for a longer period. Let’s begin by talking together.

Gitte Miller






Who is Miller Quest?

MillerQuest is Gitte Miller Balslev, MA in Cultural Communication, University of Southern Denmark and MBA in Physical Education, University of Copenhagen. The university degrees are complemented by several courses in ... to be continued

Would you like
a couple of cases?

Since the establishment in 2005 MillerQuest has helped a number of organisations. Click here and choose between several cases – and find inspiration and new ideas for you and your team ...
to be continued



The creative
tool box

Sometimes small things open your mind to great solutions. Gitte’s creative tool box is stuffed with all sorts of things that set your senses to work and get the process on track. MillerQuest has specialized in structuring the process and thereby creating results. Click here and read more ... to be continued

Is Miller Quest
the right choice?

Imagine you’re initiating a coope-ration with a partner who is alrea-dy “approved” by organizations and teams in your own field of work ... to be continued

Looking for links...?

Sharing of knowledge is the way to succes so here you can see a number of inspiring links con-cerning both major and minor things. Sites that I myself visit from time to time. Have a good time ... to be continued


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