On mission and vision

There are many opinions concerning the meaning of the words mission and vision.

The classic and quite coarse example of a mission is about the man who thinks he’s selling drilling machines. But actually he’s selling wholes in the wall, of course. Only a few find it that simple, though.

Mission & Vision

Let’s put the record straight

A relevant mission for the organization tells you what you do, for whom you do it and with what – what is your purpose in this world. That is: action, object, target group. And it is even better if the formulation is keen and of course has its raison d’être as regards sender and recipient.

When the mission is in place, the defining of the vision can begin. “This is where we’re going, this is how we want to be” is what you can say about the vision, which is the guiding star of the organization. The motive power. This also means that whenever you you get close to the realization of the vision you should define another. This way the organization will over time make progress – mapping out a mutual course for everybody involved.

Working with values is also essential when it comes to mission and vision. The values are the building blocks to realize the mission heading towards the vision. And remember now that a value is something you can feel. Security is a value. Tradition is not.

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